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SoCiS2014 - odepkg

From: Jacopo Corno
Subject: SoCiS2014 - odepkg
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2014 10:08:13 +0200
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Dear Carlo, Roberto, Mattia,

I have a couple of questions regarding the best way to continue my SoCiS
project: is it better to focus on the functions and solver we want to put
in the core (that is odeset, odeget, ode45 and ode23s) or it's preferable
to update all the solvers to the current structure and do a complete new
release of odepkg as it is?

Secondly a more technical question: in the current version the function
ode_struct_value_check (that only checks the options) has been created, in
addition to odepkg_structure_check (that also check if the options are
compatible with a specified solver). Is there a particular reason for this
choice? I also have some doubts about the fact that odepkg_structure_check
always returns errors if an option is wrong whileode_struct_value_check
sometimes return an error and sometimes just a warning. Is this just a

Thanks a lot. With kind regards,

Jacopo Corno M.Sc.
Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt
Graduate School of Computational Engineering
Dolivostra├če 15
64293 Darmstadt / Germany

Office: S4|10-232
Phone: +49 6151 16 - 76877
Email: address@hidden

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