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New FLTK printing issues (Latex, multiline) wiki page

From: Andreas Weber
Subject: New FLTK printing issues (Latex, multiline) wiki page
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 20:10:41 +0200
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Hi at all,
because we had many recurring bugreports for plotting with OpenGL ->
gl2ps I started a wiki page http://wiki.octave.org/Printing_with_FLTK

(perhaps I should better have named it printing with OpenGL/gl2ps)

My idea was to have a FAQ for printing issues and hacks to overcome
these limitations which can be linked from savannah.

Some points I want to address are:
* Symbols/Formulas: use the print latex option or psfrag?
* Multiline text: same as above?
* figure("visible", "off") prints: Use gnuplot?

Any help highly appreciated.

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