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OctConf code sprint

From: Rik
Subject: OctConf code sprint
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 09:47:30 -0700



Not everyone can attend Octconf 2014, but I think we should reach out and
have a bit of a virtual conference to share the camaraderie.

I propose that we devote the Sunday afternoon session (9/21, starting 1
p.m. EST) to a code sprint.  With a fixed time, and announcements on the
mailing lists, I think we can get a fair number of people to join us on
IRC.  My reasoning for the time is that a weekend day will be better for
those with regular employment and that 1 p.m. EST can accommodate both
coders on the West coast of N. America (10 a.m. local) and Western Europe
(7 p.m. local).  Saturday has a microbrew tour of Montreal so I don't want
to have a session then that might go late.


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