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Re: generate_html package : texi2html and generate_html_manual functions

From: Søren Hauberg
Subject: Re: generate_html package : texi2html and generate_html_manual functions
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 07:52:53 +0200
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The 'generate_html_manual' function used to generate a HTML version of the Octave manual :-) The Octave-Forge web site used to have a version of the manual which integrated nicely with the rest of the site (unlike the manual on the octave.org web site). This function generates such a collection of HTML files.

I guess the reason why the function has no documentation is lack of time, but I think the name of the function is fairly self-explanatory.

I don't remember the details of 'texi2html' vs 'html_help_text', my guess is that the manual required a slightly different set of hacks to generate than the function documentations, but I'm not sure.


Den 27-08-2014 kl. 21:44 skrev Julien Bect:
Hello all,

Could anybody please explain to me the purpose of the texi2html and
generate_html_manual functions in the generate_html package ?

texi2html: The documentation is a simple copy-paste of the documentation
of html_help_text. Even the code is very similar to a subset of
html_help_text. The only place where it is called inside the package is
in generate_html_manual.

generate_html_manual: There is no documentation, and it is no called
anywhere from within the package.

Is anybody on this list acutually using any of these two functions ?


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