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Re: help with pan, rotate3d, and zoom functions

From: Andreas Weber
Subject: Re: help with pan, rotate3d, and zoom functions
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2014 17:47:32 +0200
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Am 12.09.2014 21:32, schrieb John W. Eaton:
> I'm working on adding the zoom function to Octave.  I see we already
> have the pan and rotate3d functions.  I'd like to make all three of
> these as compatible with Matlab as possible.
> Currently, Octave's rotate3d and pan functions add a property to axes
> objects but in Matlab, pan and zoom work on figures instead of axes and
> rotate3d can apply to either figures or axes.

The reason that I implemented rotate3d and pan as axes properties was
because of subplots where the user might want to pan in one plot and
rotate in another. How does Matlab behave with subplots, especially if
there are mixed 2D (where rotate3D should be disabled) and 3D plots?

> Assuming Octave's classdef support is sufficient, is there any objection
> to changing Octave's implementation to use a handle class object instead
> of the current simple string property?

I haven't used classdef yet so I can't make a statement on this.

> Is there an objection to making the pan function operate on figures
> instead of axes?  I think that's required for compatibility.

Do you want to make pan also work on figures or exclusively? We could
make pan and rotate3d make also work on figures by iterating over all
axes children except legends.


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