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removal of deprecated stuff in liboctave

From: Carnë Draug
Subject: removal of deprecated stuff in liboctave
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2014 20:27:46 +0000


I have been trying to do some changes in liboctave and noticed a series of
deprecated methods and classes. Checking the logs, some have been deprecated
for a long time now which I am listing below. There's a few more not listed
because they were only deprecated some 3 years ago.

If no one opposes to it, I will remove them later this week.


Before April 2008:

* numeric/lo-mappers.h (octave_is_NaN_or_NA (double))
* numeric/lo-mappers.h (octave_is_NaN_or_NA (float))
* util/lo-ieee.h (__lo_ieee_float_is_NaN_or_NA (float))
* util/lo-ieee.h (__lo_ieee_float_is_NaN_or_NA (double))

October 2009:

* liboctave/ArrayN.h

January 2010:

* liboctave/MArrayN.h
* liboctave/Array.h (Array::chop_trailing_singletons)
* liboctave/dim-vector.h (dim_vector::dim_vector (octave_idx_type))
* liboctave/Array.h (Array::Array (octave_idx_type)

February 2010:

* liboctave/Array2.h
* liboctave/MArray2.h

January 2011:

* liboctave/Array3.h
* liboctave/Array.h (Array::Array (octave_idx_type, T&)
* liboctave/MArray.h (MArray::MArray (octave_idx_type, T&)

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