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discuss the odepkg package update for octave 4.1

From: Doug Stewart
Subject: discuss the odepkg package update for octave 4.1
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 09:16:18 -0500

  A question was asked in the octave chat room about odepkg, so I tried it with the development branch and could not install it from -forge. I then tried 3.8.1 and it installed OK from forge.
 I discussed with Carandraud the idea that I would look into updating the pkg to work with 4.1. Carandraug said the maybe we should be moving these functions into Octave core, because they are in Matlab core.

Should they be moved to Octave core????

In looking at the files in odepkg I see that there are some tared files and that the make file tries to untar the files and the apply some patches to these FORTRAN files. there are 3 different tared files.
As a start to straighten out this pkg I propose to untar these files and apply the patches, then change the make file to use the patched files. I will then make pkg that works with the development branch.
 When this is working then should we keep it as a pkg or move it to Octave core?

Any suggestions (guidance) are most welcome.
Doug Stewart 

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