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Re: Installation of 3.8.2 on Mac

From: c.
Subject: Re: Installation of 3.8.2 on Mac
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 10:00:07 +0100

On 26 Nov 2014, at 23:48, Philip Nienhuis <address@hidden> wrote:

> IIRC (please correct me if I'm wrong) "Anirudha" managed to build, or
> cross-build, (parts of?) Octave for (some) Mac-OSX in the course of a GSOC 1
> or 2 years ago.

Not really,

Anirudha managed to get the mxe build of Octave to work on OSX but he 
required many  dependencies to be already installed via macports in order 
to do so, which made it completely useless.

He never even tried to build a relocatable .app bundle.

I don't know whether cross-compiling for OSX is possible technically,
but it is not legally possible AFAIK.


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