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Re: GNU Octave 4.0.0 Released

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: GNU Octave 4.0.0 Released
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2015 20:24:17 +0900 (JST)

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>From: Lester Anderson
>To: Vic Norton  
>Cc: John W. Eaton  info-gnu octave-maintainers help-octave
>Date: 2015/6/4, Thu 18:41
>Subject: Re: GNU Octave 4.0.0 Released
>Hi all,
>Just did a quick check and the signal processing packagae does not seem to be 
>installed, Tukeywin for example was not found.
>Have I missed something? Windows 7

From octave-3.8 for windows, the octave-forge packages are not pre-installed.
Easy way to install the octave-forge package is to use build_packages.m script.

>> C:\Octave\octave-4.0.0\src
>> build_packages

The script build_packages.m shipped with octave-4.0.0_0-installer has a bug.
Workaround at this moment,

Modify build_packages.m in C:\Octave\octave-4.0.0\src (you can use octave-gui 
general-1.3.4.tar.gz -> general-2.0.0.tar.gz
signal-1.3.1.tar.gz -> signal-1.3.2.tar.gz

before executing 
>> build_packages

After the octave-forge packages are installed, confirm the install by 
>> pkg list

If you want to the signal package is to be auto load, execute
>> pkg rebuild signal -auto

exit octave and restart octave.

And the execute again 
>> pkg list
to confirm the signal package is loaded. (The loaded package is labeled by '*'.)

Oops. I have to mention one more thing.

The io package in  C:\Octave\octave-4.0.0\src is buggy.

For io package, execute under internet connection:
>> pkg install -forge io

Hope the above helps


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