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Re: IEEE standard for interval arithmetic approved

From: Julien Bect
Subject: Re: IEEE standard for interval arithmetic approved
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 18:52:10 +0200
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Le 12/06/2015 18:27, Marco Atzeri a écrit :
On 6/12/2015 5:33 PM, Oliver Heimlich wrote:
The package can't be released by simply exporting the mercurial
repository. Please use “make dist” on your mercurial workspace, COPYING
will then be generated via TexInfo. COPYING would not be the only
missing file in your tarball.


I am the cygwin package maintainer, so I am currently packing > 50*2
forge packages .
I am already taking long time checking that additional revisions
are available in the repository and if the case build and package
from the several repository (HG, SVN, GIT)

Hello Marco,

Do you mean that you create cygwin packages directly from snapshots of the repository of each Octave package ?

If you do that, the interval package is not the only package with which you will have problems. The stk package too. And probably others.

Creating a release from the source files from the repository is the job of the package maintainer. There is no standardized way of doing this, currently (for instance, "make dist"). Some packages require special steps during the release process. Other are more straightforward. Only the package maintainer knows for sure.

Why not get the released tarball directly from SourceForge ?


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