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Re: Octave wants to run startup configuration "wizard" in --no-gui mode

From: Pantxo Diribarne
Subject: Re: Octave wants to run startup configuration "wizard" in --no-gui mode
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 16:27:41 +0200
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Le 13/06/2015 14:58, Stefan Mahr a écrit :
I think there has been a subtle change in Octave --no-gui behavior in
the past ten or twenty changesets that wants to run the "first time
configuration wizard.  It may be this changeset:

Also load settings and translations in --no-gui mode (bugs #44222 and

Thanks for pointing to it. I wondered why my PPA build did not work,
locally everything was fine.

Oups, I hadn't thought of this side effect. The configuration wizard
is the
only place where the user learns about where its settings will be
That's why I enabled it even in --no-gui where settings are now also
On the other hand the only real configuration that this wizard currently
proposes is whether to show the news window, which is not relevant in
--no-gui mode.
I'll disable the wizard, until we find another solution (e.g. a

IMHO the --no-gui option always implies a --no-wizard flag.


What if the wizard is ever used to configure settings that are also
relevant in --no-gui mode (e.g. the language for the figure menus and

I don't think many users that use the --no-gui option will care about
the language settings or tooltips, except they creating their own GUI
with qthandles. However, for getting language information on command
line, the common way is to check the environment variables.

I attached a patch that I'll push on stable if no one opposes.
Note however that the criteria to launch the wizard is the presence of
an Octave settings file. I you first run --no-gui mode without a  wizard,
a settings file will be created anyway (because it is now needed). Now
the first time you'll run octave in gui mode the wizard (and the
configuration, information contained therein) won't show up as a
configuration file already exists.
Why is it needed? It was not needed before your change (6fe746def1aa). I
can't find any setting that could be useful in no-gui mode. There's not
even a language setting in the config file.

It is needed because the annotation dialog stores its last size and position in the settings file (see the bugs mentioned in the title of the changeset). It could be useful for storing the state of some other figure attributes that don't have a counterpart in the figure properties.

Now about the fact the there is "not even a language setting in the config", it's true only if you don't change the default (=launching terminal locale) in the preference manager. The gui language setting could have (often has) a place in the welcome wizard and become useful with or without the gui.

We could have distinct settings file for figures and gui window (I don't know if the ressource_manager can currently handle that) but I don't imagine restricting the use of settings files to the gui mode just because of a corner case.



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