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Re: [MXE-Octave]Build Failed on CentOS6.6 64bit

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: [MXE-Octave]Build Failed on CentOS6.6 64bit
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 11:08:40 -0400
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On 06/17/2015 01:10 AM, Tatsuro MATSUOKA wrote:

Seeing the log file your system does not support HASWELL assembler code.

On MXE-octave, openblas is generated with DYNAMIC_ARCH=1 as in src/openblas.mk

I had a similar problem when trying to build openblas on a SuSE system. Instead of completely disabling dynamic architecture, I added NO_AVX2=1 to the openblas build options.

The mxe-octave uses self-built run-time libraries which are not detected by
automatically by operating system so that you have set LD_LIBRATY_PATH in 
proper way.

$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/root/mxe-octave/usr/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH 

(/root/mxe-octave/usr/lib might not be correct. Modify it according to your 

Other environment variables may also be needed. That's what the octave-wrapper.in file is for. It is processed when executing the tar-dist target in the mxe-octave Makefile to create octave, octave-cli, and octave-config wrapper scripts. So instead of running the Octave binary directly, you can use wrapper script to first set appropriate environment variables and then execute the binary.


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