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Re: gmake fails: SPECIALIZE_POD_BUFFER in array/array_libarray_la-Array-

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: gmake fails: SPECIALIZE_POD_BUFFER in array/array_libarray_la-Array-b.lo
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2015 16:04:40 +0900 (JST)

--- mdenber
> tmacchant wrote
> > --- tmacchant
> >> Sorry I have overlooked top part od your mail.
> >> 
> > The mail that reach me did not contain error messages part. :(.
> > 
> > what compiler and its version are you using?
> > how did you configured octave?
> gcc 4.9.2
> To configure I simply typed "./configure", nothing else.  It claims to have
> succeeded.
> The original post with the relevant output including error messages of the
> failed gmake is here: 
> http://cgal-discuss.949826.n4.nabble.com/CGAL-4-5-1-install-fails-on-Solaris-10-Sparc-64-bit-td4660404.html#a4660929
Seeing the messages in details, SPECIALIZE_POD_BUFFER part is  just  related to 

first part
In file included from array/idx-vector.h:35:0, from array/Array.h:36, from 
array/Array-b.cc:29: ./util/oct-inttypes.h: In instantiation of 'class 
octave_int<char>': ./util/oct-inttypes.h:1041:31: required from here 
./util/oct-inttypes.h:834:3: error: 'octave_int<T>::octave_int(char) [with T = 
char]' cannot be overloaded octave_int (char c) ^ ./util/oct-inttypes.h:831:3: 
error: with 'octave_int<T>::octave_int(T) [with T = char]' octave_int (T i) : 
ival (i) { } ^ In file included from array/idx-vector.h:37:0, from 
array/Array.h:36, from array/Array-b.cc:29: 

are related to error in compling by g++.
sorry I am not a c++ expert so that wait until
those have more knowledge.


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