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Re: gmake fails: SPECIALIZE_POD_BUFFER in array/array_libarray_la-Array-

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: gmake fails: SPECIALIZE_POD_BUFFER in array/array_libarray_la-Array-b.lo
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 11:19:11 +0900 (JST)

----- Original Message -----

> From: "tmacchant
> To: mdenber
> Cc: 
> Date: 2015/6/21, Sun 16:04
> Subject: Re: gmake fails: SPECIALIZE_POD_BUFFER in 
> array/array_libarray_la-Array-b.lo
> --- mdenber
>>  tmacchant wrote
>>  > --- tmacchant
>>  >> Sorry I have overlooked top part od your mail.
>>  >> 
>>  > The mail that reach me did not contain error messages part. :(.
>>  > 
>>  > what compiler and its version are you using?
>>  > how did you configured octave?
>>  gcc 4.9.2
>>  To configure I simply typed "./configure", nothing else.  It 
> claims to have
>>  succeeded.
>>  The original post with the relevant output including error messages of the
>>  failed gmake is here: 
> http://cgal-discuss.949826.n4.nabble.com/CGAL-4-5-1-install-fails-on-Solaris-10-Sparc-64-bit-td4660404.html#a4660929
> Seeing the messages in details, SPECIALIZE_POD_BUFFER part is  just  related 
> to 
> warnings.
> first part
> In file included from array/idx-vector.h:35:0, from array/Array.h:36, from 
> array/Array-b.cc:29: ./util/oct-inttypes.h: In instantiation of 'class 
> octave_int<char>': ./util/oct-inttypes.h:1041:31: required from here 
> ./util/oct-inttypes.h:834:3: error: 'octave_int<T>::octave_int(char) 
> [with T = char]' cannot be overloaded octave_int (char c) ^ 
> ./util/oct-inttypes.h:831:3: error: with 'octave_int<T>::octave_int(T) 
> [with T = char]' octave_int (T i) : ival (i) { } ^ In file included from 
> array/idx-vector.h:37:0, from array/Array.h:36, from array/Array-b.cc:29: 
> are related to error in compling by g++.
> sorry I am not a c++ expert so that wait until
> those have more knowledge.
> Tatsuro

As I wrote the above, I cannot help you further but I can tell you that 
the thread title is not proper.

Indeed the error happened in the "make" process. 
But origin of the error does not directory comes "make" command. 
The error occurred in compiling liboctave/array/Array-b.cc 
and thus make command stopped due to this error.

The title might be better to change to like

Compile error at compiling liboctave/array/Array-b.cc due to "cannot be 
overloaded octave_int (char c)"

If you will not have reply from others, I recommend re-submit the post with 
changing the thread title.


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