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Help with 'xlim' property

From: Rik
Subject: Help with 'xlim' property
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 16:21:12 -0700


I don't think Octave is properly validating the 'xlim', 'ylim', etc.
properties.  It seems to accept any matrix value at all instead of just a
2-element row vector.  It's easy enough to change, but I'm hoping someone
can verify in Matlab what the following code does.

plot (1:10)
set (gca, 'xlim', [1 3 5; 2 4 6])
set (gca, 'xlim', [1 2 4])
set (gca, 'xlim', [1 5]')
set (gca, 'xlim', [1 8])

I would expect errors out of everything but the last.


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