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Re: Missing functions in the statistics package.

From: Oliver Heimlich
Subject: Re: Missing functions in the statistics package.
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 23:41:28 +0200
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On 11.09.2015 16:08, TrucomanX XnamocurT wrote:
I also want to contribute, but I don't know how begin. Thereby I made a
octave package following this:
my contribution is with the  userpath function

I think that it is a good way to start and let other people test yours
But the last step of how to include code in a octave-forge yet is dark
for me.

See http://wiki.octave.org/Contributing_to_the_development_of_packages/modules and related wiki pages.

If you code fits into an existing package, the package's maintainer is your first contact person. Some packages don't have a particular maintainer so you can use this mailing list.

You may also submit small contributions in the patch tracker:

If you want to create a new package, that is a collection of function for a certain topic, please present your project (with code) on this mailing list. If it is useful it can be hosted at octave-forge.

I think so would be good have  something  like file-exchange of matlab
for people as us. For to have a platform to test our code

There was an idea to make a platform called “Octave Agora”: http://wiki.octave.org/Agora

However, the website is currently down.


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