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Re: Octave Video Package

From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: Re: Octave Video Package
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 05:25:11 -0700 (PDT)

PrasannaKumar Muralidharan wrote
> Hi Renat,
> Somehow missed to copy octave mailing list, adding it.
> On 11 September 2015 at 19:07, Насыров Ренат <

> renat-nasyrov@

> > wrote:
>> Hi PrasannaKumar,
>> Really good idea! Nevertheless, inside that shell binary I should use
>> "/usr/bin/grep.exe" instead of plain "grep", so when I run ./configure, I
>> get the following:
>> configure: line 419: which: command not found
>> configure: line 2895: uname: command not found
>> configure: line 476: tr: command not found
>> configure: line 2903: uname: command not found
>> configure: line 3001: sed: command not found
>> ...
>> And so on. How can I make bash.exe to execute utils from its bin
>> directory?
> Adding the folder to PATH enivronment variable will do.
> I did try that out. Compiled and installed ffmpeg but still the
> configure script could not locate ffmpeg. Please give it a try and see
> what happens. Don't have any idea whether it will work for you.
> Regards,
> PrasannaKumar
>> 11.09.2015, 15:25, "PrasannaKumar Muralidharan"
>> <

> prasannatsmkumar@

> >:
>> Hi Renat,
>>  I see that package "video" needs FFMpeg for Windows, so I have
>> downloaded
>>  the package for Windows from ffmpeg.org . Anyway, Octave still cannot
>> find
>>  it on my system. As you can see in pkg log I sent before, pkg tries to
>> find
>>  *.pc files which are surely cannot be found in Windows – all I have is a
>>  bunch of FFMped DLLs. The question is: how can I make the package
>> "video"
>>  use these DLLs? Maybe you know where to find a tutorial about porting
>> Octave
>>  packages under Windows?
>> Compile FFMpeg from source. Inside Octave installation folder there is
>> bash shell binary (bash.exe). In that shell navigate to FFMpeg source
>> code, run ./configure, make and make install. Once that is complete

Inside the Octave installation I think this will only be useful if the
Octave binary installer for Windows was built with the --enable-dev-tools
Even then, I doubt your suggestion will work as autotools and m4 etc are
lacking. AFAIU the bash shell is merely meant to be able to run Octave in
gdb on the Windows side.
It could be that it is fairly easy to augment the bash shell with the
required development tools; on the mingw site compiled build tools are

>> install the video package. In Ubuntu 14.04 video package did not
>> compile. So please use a older version of FFMpeg (no idea which
>> version of FFMpeg is required by the video package).

Although libavformat.dll, libavcodec.dd, etc aren't present in my
OCTAVE_HOME/bin folder, it seems that ffmpeg *IS* (or rather: should be)
included in the mxe-octave build:
- http://hg.octave.org/mxe-octave/file/c8c394328c54/src
- http://hg.octave.org/mxe-octave/rev/28fa86d2cf21
- http://hg.octave.org/mxe-octave/log/c8c394328c54/src/ffmpeg.mk

Maybe it is related to having Octave for 64-bit windows running, I don't
As I'm also interested in the video package I'll have a look one of these
days, but not now as I have several other priorities.


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