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Re: Missing functions in the statistics package.

From: Dag
Subject: Re: Missing functions in the statistics package.
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 13:43:47 -0700 (PDT)

Mike Miller-4 wrote
> This is an install of the package, not the source. To clone the source
> repo for statistics,
>   hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/octave/statistics
> Do you have any thoughts about how we could make that step more
> discoverable?

I managed the cloning.

It often seems like documentation assumes that you have more than
introductory knowledge of things, i.e. there is some information and then
you are supposed to fill in lots of blanks yourself. Information on Octave
seems to be scattered at many different places, and sometimes not kept up to
date. This is confusing. Maybe that you can have a review of where
information is being stored right now and make it more comprehensive.

As far as I am concerned, I would like to see is separate information for
two types of people: *users* and *coders*. For coders, there should be
information on the steps that you need to start programming. That is
basically this discussion that I have been having here. For users, the
relevant information already exists but perhaps a minor review and
reorganization is that is needed.

I will tell if I come up with more ideas.

Mike Miller-4 wrote
> Note that Octave adds "-version" suffixes to all of its executables.
> The way I work is keeping the "octave" symlink pointed at the latest,
> but pass OCTAVE=octave-3.8.2 and MKOCTFILE=mkoctfile-3.8.2 variables
> when I want to test against older versions.

So, OCTAVE=octave-x.y.z and MKOCTFILE=mkoctfile-x.y.z are environment
variables in Linux for the Octave version being tested? For example, I might
have an up-to-date version of Octave and an older version for testing
backward compatibility of package.

Mike Miller-4 wrote
> I hope you can see when working with the cloned source repo that you
> can just use "make run" as Oliver described to automatically compile
> and run an Octave session pointing to your local changes.
> Hope that clears things up a bit,

Yes, Oliver explained the last thing very clearly.

I thought that I would need to reinstall a package every time a change is
made in order to test it. But you keep installation of the main program
(Octave core) and the packages separate. I need an installation of Octave
for testing, and this executable can be specified in the Makefile of a
package. (I found "OCTAVE ?= octave" in the statistics Makefile.) But apart
from running "make run" on the command line, there is no interaction between
package development and Octave core.

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