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From: Richard Marquez Contreras
Subject: OctaveRs
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 06:58:40 -0430

Dear Octavers,

I would like to share this tool I called OctaveRs, a WUI for GNU Octave: 

(WUI stands for Web User Interface) 

It integrates content (markdown, LaTex) and code snippets you can run online (after registration). 

Some examples (code snippets) are available, some in English, most in Spanish. You are free to register and run those examples. 

At this moment, we are about five active authors adding content pages. If you would like to add your own code snippets, please register and send me a message. 

I will be talking about this project at next Octave Conf 2015:

Thank you,
- Richard

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