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Re: Windows GUI startup message truncated

From: Torsten
Subject: Re: Windows GUI startup message truncated
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2017 12:46:42 +0100

>>>> I installed one of the buildbot builds (w64 with 32-bit indexing) and 
>>>> this is what I see when Octave starts.  The startup message is truncated 
>>>> to 14 columns.
>>>> Thinking there could be some init file issue, I tried removing the 
>>>> ~/.config directory with the same results.
>>>> Text entered at the command prompt and output from commands are not 
>>>> truncated, just the startup message.
>>>> Does anyone have an idea about what could cause this?  I've never seen 
>>>> this problem before.
>>> I first thought (as usual) that it was caused by something in my own
>>> dev-octave or mxe-octave build tree (both are somewhat adapted locally), but
>>> good to know that it is "officially confirmed".
>>> Whatever the cause, it happened between 16 (still good) and 19 November
>>> (truncated), because I have mxe-octave builds of those dates installed here
>>> to check. My cross-builds are always based on the latest default branch.
>>> tips
>>> Philip
>> That's a very handy bracketing.  Looking through the Mercurial log, this
>> cset seems to be the only one directed at windows.
>> changeset:   24275:e9fe31118542
>> user:        Torsten <address@hidden>
>> date:        Sat Nov 18 11:50:16 2017 +0100
>> summary:     improve re-docking of a floating widget under windows
>> --Rik
> I will have a look at this. The strange thing is that starting with
> changeset:   24318:a17862b28f0d
> user:        Torsten <address@hidden>
> date:        Mon Nov 27 20:38:35 2017 +0100
> summary:     handle floating widgets on all platforms as done on windows
> (bug #52378)
> the new re-docking approach is used on all platforms. Are there any
> observations of this effect on non-windows platforms so far?
> Torsten

I have pushed changeset
which fixes the issue on my Win7 system.


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