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Re: Undetected JRE

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: Re: Undetected JRE
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 20:30:45 +0100
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Personal wrote:
On Dec 17, 2017, at 2:44 AM, PhilipNienhuis <address@hidden> wrote:

Bradley Kennedy wrote
On 2017-12-16, at 23:43, Daryl Lee &lt;


&gt; wrote:

Today I had yet another occasion to build up a Windows workstation from
scratch.  When I got to the step of installing Octave (4.2.1) the
installer told me it couldn't fine a Java JRE, even though I have Java
9.0.1 installed, as evidenced by the output of

java -version

Is that anything for me to worry about?  At first glance, it looks normal
(working GUI, working plots).

Issues arise when mixing a 64-bit Octave with a 32-bit JRE, or vice versa.
Did you check that?
I was careful to select 64-bit everything, and installed in the
> default location.  I guess I’ll deal with the issue if and when it
> becomes an issue.

The other thing is that jvm.dll can be in
<Java install dir>\jre<version>\bin\server
for 64-bit Java but in
<Java install dir>\jre<ersion>\bin\client
for 32-bit Java. I used to copy the contents of ...\client\ to ...\server\

But I think these days that issue has been solved.


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