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Xft library warning?

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Xft library warning?
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 18:44:18 -0800

I’ve just switched from the Fink package manager on macOS to Homebrew. Using 
Hombrew the only two features I’m lacking are OSMesa and the Xft library.

I think Xft is the X11 Freetype library, correct? On macOS, X11 is not used, 
and freetype is included as libfreetype2.dylib. Is the warning below 
meaningful, or just a “feature” resulting from development on X11?

        configure:79601: WARNING: Xft library not found.  OpenGL graphics will 
not be fully functional.

I am hopeful we’ll be pushing changesets to fix Java and Qt5 support for macOS 


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