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Want to work on Chebfun in Octave as my Gsoc-18 project

From: Saurav Malani
Subject: Want to work on Chebfun in Octave as my Gsoc-18 project
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 05:06:11 +0530

Hello Sir,

My name is Saurav Malani, a 3rd year student at IIIT-H in India. I was looking into the project list of octave for Gsoc-18, and found "Chebfun in Octave" to be quiet interesting. I have pretty good grip in mathematics and computing. So, this is the very obvious reason for my interest in this project.
     Although, when I first read the project title, I was amazed that such important function donot exit in octave. While exploring the topic I read about interpolation and extrapolation, Chebyshev polynomial, related factorizing techiniques. Later I looked into the existing function of matlab and python, to get hands on it. 
     Now, I am looking into the various methods used by python and other languages to implement it. So, that it computes the best approximations in least time.
    So, can you suggest any further reading on this? Also, what exactly do I need to do in this project and on what ground? Also, any particular suggestion from your side?
     Further, I have added link of my resume. I am working on something similar in my MS research. I will be more than happy to work on this as my gsoc project. Looking forward to work with you.

Saurav Malani

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