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Odepkg new release

From: Marco Atzeri
Subject: Odepkg new release
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2018 08:00:15 +0200
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focusing on odepkg

On 5/31/2018 2:08 PM, Carlo De Falco wrote:

By the way, why odepkg is no longer reported on SF ?
I must have missed any communication on the matter.

odepkg also moved out of OF it is now here:


I think even though there are unresolved bugs it
would make sense to also make a new release of odepkg
now, but I'm not the main maintainer there.



Jacopo, Sebastian,

I see that I am not the only one unaware that the development
moved out of OF, as on the Forge repository I see:

$ hg log |head
changeset:   609:20017c4feae6
tag:         tip
user:        John W. Eaton <address@hidden>
date:        Mon Jan 02 19:24:34 2017 -0500
summary:     F77_INT fixes for Octave 4.4.

changeset:   608:0cf815201920
user:        jcorno <address@hidden>
date:        Wed Nov 16 15:26:07 2016 +0100
summary:     correct documentation about options and other minor additions

Can you please release a 0.9.1+
with the proper documentation,
add to the DESCRIPTION the proper Url:
and synchronize the OF repository so that the changes
are reflected in the OF Website ?

In addition, why the odepkg entry disapperead from


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