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Aw: Re: Re: BuildBots no longer run make check?

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: Aw: Re: Re: BuildBots no longer run make check?
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018 21:48:35 +0200

jwe wrote:
> >> The summary of the test step is
> >>
> >> PASS 14463
> >> FAIL 0
> >> XFAIL (reported bug) 32
> >> SKIP (missing feature) 616
> >> SKIP (run-time condition) 12
> >
> > Is there some way to access this summary from the web interface? That way
> > it would be possible to manually check quickly whether everything is still
> > working as expected. Even when the overall test is (erroneously) flagged
> > as failed.
> Yes. Following the link
> http://buildbot.octave.org:8011/#/builders/7[http://buildbot.octave.org:8011/#/builders/7]
> select the latest build, look at the test step, then you can download
> the log file or select the link to view all 7481 lines in your browser.

I was referring to the actual 5 lines summary you pasted. I couldn't find
that in the stdio logs.

> I can also put the hg archive of the configuration files on the web to
> make it easier for others to help with managing the buildbots, but first
> I have to figure out how best to store some private info that is
> currently embedded in the master config file.

That might be helpful.

This might be to complicated: But is it possible to make the log files of the
MXE builds accessible? Or at least the latest log from the "log" directory in
case a package failed to build.


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