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Re: macOS 4.4.0 DMG (beta2) ready for testing

From: Andrew Janke
Subject: Re: macOS 4.4.0 DMG (beta2) ready for testing
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2018 03:47:22 -0400
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On 7/17/18 1:04 AM, sshah wrote:
Since the lates homebrew octave 4.4.0_2 runs fine and installs all packages
I use (control, signal, struct, parallel, quaternion), I assumed the problem
was the App bundle.
That's a good assumption. It does look like there's something wrong with the
app bundle, and specifically with its bundled gfortran.

I have a theory about what's happening here: Octave.app uses "-march=core2" to
build portable binaries. But the mechanism we are using to do that applies
only to clang. If I recall correctly, GCC uses a bootstrapped build process.
So later stages of the bootstrapped build, including the gfortran program,
may not be picking that switch up.

I have changed how we're setting those flags, and made a new beta5 build
that may fix this problem. Could you download and test this one? No "setenv(...)"
should be necessary with it.

That said, why does the App die silently when I try to use the packages that
were installed for Homebrew version?

So, the two installs, Homebrew and the App are not compatible on a given
machine. Only one can be installed and used currently.
That's not good. I had assumed that the packages would be compatible between
the two, as long as they were the same Octave version and compiled with
compatible library dependencies.

This one, I can reproduce. I installed "control" using Octave.app, and when I
try to run it under my Homebrewed octave:

octave:1> pkg load control
octave:2> bode(ss(-1, 1, 1, 0))
fatal: caught signal Abort trap: 6 -- stopping myself...
[1]    63078 abort      octave

And vice versa, Octave.app crashes if I try to use a "control" package installed
from the Homebrewed octave.

Since I can reproduce it on my machine, where I built Octave.app, this one is not
an architecture issue like the gfortran issue above.

I believe it's our goal to have Octave.app and a Homebrewed Octave
coexist on the same machine, so this is a problem. I will do some research on
how the Octave package system works so I can understand why this is
happening, and see what we can do about it.

Thanks for helping us test this out, sshah!


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