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Re: Octave-Forge: Redesign with responsive layout

From: Oliver Heimlich
Subject: Re: Octave-Forge: Redesign with responsive layout
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2018 12:46:26 +0200
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On 30.08.2018 17:06, Julien Bect wrote:
> 1) One has found the blue color that is used both for the top panel and
> for links (#427dbd) a little pale.
> 2) Another remarked that bold links are nice on pages where there are
> only a few links, but not so much when there are many of them (in
> particular on the support and documentation pages).
> Considering these two points, using a slightly darker shade of blue
> (e.g., #2e69a8) with normal fonts for the links looks cool on my screen.

Since most links are easily visible because of the icons, I have
implemented this proposal. It is much better, especially on small screens.

> 3) One found it weird that, on the documentation page, the text that you
> type inside the search box is centered, while the suggestions that
> appear below it are left-aligned.

Text input is left-aligned now.


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