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new release image package version 2.10.0

From: Carnë Draug
Subject: new release image package version 2.10.0
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2018 16:31:25 +0000

A new version of the image package has been released, version 2.10.0,
with work mainly from Avinoam Kalma and Hartmut Gimpel.  The most
user-visible changes are:

 ** The following functions are new:

      axes2pix              colorangle            houghpeaks
      bwpack                deconvwnr             otsuthresh
      bwunpack              houghlines

 ** The functions entropyfilt, rangefilt, and stdfilt were completely
    incorrect and have now been fixed.

 ** In function regionprops, "Perimeter" was changed to be compatible
    with Matlab, and "PerimterOld" was added.

 ** In function regionprops, properties "ConvexHull", "ConvexImage",
    "ConvexArea", and "Solidity" were added.

 ** In function bwfill, the parameter connectivity was changed.  In
    previous versions, the parameter referred to background
    connectivity but now refers to the foreground connectivity.  This
    backwards incompatible changes was done for Matlab compatibility.
    Effectively, to obtain the same results as in previous versions
    use a value of 8 instead of 4, and a value of 4 instead of 8 (the
    default was 8).

 ** grayslice now expects argument V to be a vector with the actual
    values used to perform threshold.  Previously it expected values
    in the [0 1] range which would be adjust to the correct type
    internally.  This change was done for Matlab compatibility (which
    does the same despite their documentation stating otherwise).
    Other small changes were done to be Matlab compatible in multiple
    corner cases.

 ** The function operation "thin" in bwmorph was changed to be Matlab
    compatible.  The previous implementation, based on the book by
    W. K. Pratt, is available under the name "thin-pratt".

 ** imcast now also converts images to logical type.

 ** wiener2 is now able to handle images with arbitrary number of

 ** Other functions that have been changed for smaller bugfixes,
    increased Matlab compatibility, or performance:

      bwdist                entropy               hough_line
      bwmorph               graythresh

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