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RE: Windows uninstall now reboots system?

From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: RE: Windows uninstall now reboots system?
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2019 15:14:45 -0600 (CST)

John Donoghue-3 wrote
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>> Subject: Windows uninstall now reboots system?
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>> I've been doing some testing of the Windows binaries and have noticed
>> that the uninstaller now prompts for a reboot.  I don't recall this
>> happening previously.
>> Is that a change we made, a change due to upgrading to a new version of
>> NSIS, or something Windows is doing to us?
>> Is it really necessary to reboot after uninstalling Octave on Windows?
>> jwe
> I see the reboot question, but never do it -and I believe it only happens
> If
> you installed and havent done a reboot sometime between then and the
> uninstall.
> Its occurring because the msys2 part of the install registering of the
> environment (vash --login) starts gpg-agent, and since its still running
> it
> cant uninstall that file - hence the message on rebooting - I believe we
> can
> disable that reboot option, however the files will still be there.

While doing some sort of "bisecting" for bug #55407 I saw the following in
Windows 7:
(* I needed to install Octave as "Administrator" as I installed "for all
users". Just a pop-up requesting to enter the Administrator password just
like on *nix)
* In the end the uninstaller asks to remove some files upon next reboot - I
clicked "No" each time
* Then, in the explorer (file browser) I could simply delete the remnants of
Octave's installation directory as a normal user.

In conclusion, after uninstalling there's nothing holding the remaining
files locked, it seems as if it's just the uninstaller process that cannot
jump through its own hoops.
I didn't check if the "remove on next reboot" option really works.


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