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Re: Encoding in Octave 5.0

From: Chris Zheng
Subject: Re: Encoding in Octave 5.0
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 21:21:38 +0800
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Can you tell us exactly how you got this code into Octave?

print n.svg

Is this in a *.m file you are editing in Emacs? Or is it something you pasted into the inferior Octave buffer? If it's a *.m file, did you copy-paste that é in, or use a Unicode-entry keyboard sequence? The input mechanics might matter here.

The above code was run in the inferior Octave buffer. I did try the
code in a .m file which is in UTF-8. With versions 5.0.90 and 4.4.1,
the result is garbage on the screen and correct in the SVG file. The
difference is that with version 5.0.90, the garbage is 0x8305. While
with 4.4.1, the garbage is “é” (in hex is 0xC3 0xA9). The “é” is
copied form the web page and Emacs tells the codepoint is 0xE9.

If it's in a *.m file, could you attach a copy of that .m file for us to examine?

And how did you install your Emacs? I'll try to reproduce if you can tell me what setup you have.

The Emacs is built from the current master branch.


Thank you,


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