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Re: Sponsored invitation to Snapcraft Summit Montreal, June 2019

From: Igor Ljubuncic
Subject: Re: Sponsored invitation to Snapcraft Summit Montreal, June 2019
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2019 15:00:32 +0100

Hello Doug,

Thanks for the quick answer.

On a technical level, snapcraft builds snaps using YAML syntax declarations from a "recipe."
This would require some familiarization with the snapcraft keywords and components used to build snaps.
We are more than happy to help in this regard, especially since we can all be face to face during the summit.

The expectation would be to have Octave packaged as a snap and available through the Snap Store.

Beyond that, we would love to work with you guys - and I hope this can be a very nice two-way cooperation - the store provides visibility and easy access to software, you get metrics that can tell you how Octave is trending, we can promote Octave on our blog, in our social media, and from the end-user point, they don't need to worry about satisfying specific distro dependencies - if it has snap support, it will run Octave.

We don't want this to be a one-off checklist thing. Sure we have a vested interest, but the primary focus in having high-quality, top-notch, useful software in the store. Octave is definitely one of the most prominent libre tools in the scientific community, and it would really nice to have it included.


On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 2:40 PM Doug Stewart <address@hidden> wrote:

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 8:56 AM Igor Ljubuncic <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi folks,

I'm Igor, I work on the Snapcraft team at Canonical.

This may sound a little weird ... Long story short, we want to invite you over for a summit, to work with us creating an Octave snap.

We value and appreciate the contribution and importance of Octave in the scientific community. As a (former) physicist myself, I've used Octave on many occasions in my professional career, and I have a personal soft spot for it.

Summit wise, we are running a Snapcraft Summit, taking place in downtown Montreal, Canada from June 11th to 13th 2019. It is a software workshop attended by major software vendors and hosted by Snapcraft and Travis CI engineers.

If this sounds interesting, we can then discuss details, and I can send you over some more information, including some big words why this would be a really nice effort :)


What would the person from octave group need to know, in order to help?
what would be expected of him/her?

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