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Re: License question

From: GoSim
Subject: Re: License question
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2019 12:20:01 -0500 (CDT)

The program runs on its own and creates m-files that the program then runs in

The program can run on a system that does not have Octave installed. But it
can not simulate. Everything else works.

The program only invokes Octave as a subprocess when a simulation is being
made. When the simulation is ended/interrupted this process is ended/killed.

GoSim does not run Octave as an embedded intepreter as part of its normal
operation. Octave is only run when the "simulation" button is pressed and
there is communication between the programs through the process stream (from
Octave to GoSim) and file writing/reading (from GoSim to Octave). Socket
communication will probably be added for new blocks.
The blocks have a dialogue that most of the time are strings, sometimes
other things for GoSim. These strings are parameters of the different blocks
and are basically m-code and put in the script. There is no interpreter
active at all when the blocks parameters are filled in. When the simulation
is run if there is an error Octave will tell just like to a normal user. The
script is viewable in GoSim and the line numbers are written so the error
can be found. Error messages that Octave gives is displayed in GoSim's
When a simulation is run whatever Octave prints in its console is available
in GoSim and used for different things. 

>How tightly coupled is your approach with the Octave program and/or
A m-file is created and run. Nothing more. The packages like the control
package, optim, symbolic and signal packages are used in some blocks. If
this is what you mean by libraries, yes they are used just like a normal
user would. If libraries refers to deeper parts in your source code, no they
are not used. I haven't even seen your source code :-)

In all texts in GoSim it is crystal clear that Octave is the math engine.

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