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Re: Heisenbug on Windows with current dev sources

From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: Re: Heisenbug on Windows with current dev sources
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2019 13:48:10 -0500 (CDT)

John W. Eaton wrote
> I built 2e364bd8efb5 for Windows using the mxe-octave configure options
>    --enable-octave=default
>    --enable-binary-packages
>    --enable-devel-tools
>    --enable-qt5
>    --disable-system-opengl
>    --enable-windows-64
>    --enable-64
> and Octave is exiting unexpectedly when executing __run_test_suite__.  I 
> tried running Octave under gdb and there is no failure.  Looking at the 
> fntests.log file, the last reported test is 
> ...\fixed\publish\publish.tst.  All tests in that file pass if I cd to 
> the ...\fixed\publish directory and execute "test publish.tst".  The 
> next test should be ...\fixed\args.tst and I see no failures when 
> running tests for that file either.
> Running on a Linux system with ASAN doesn't show any corrupted memory 
> issues.
> Can anyone else building Octave for Windows duplicate the issue I see 
> with __run_test_suite__ exiting unexpectedly?  If so, do you see any 
> clues about what is happening?
> Any ideas about how to debug this problem?

No idea, not even a clue, sorry, but since yesterday or so I see the same. 
I configured with --ccache and --enable-fortran-in64 rather than
-enable-windows-64 (isn't the latter implied by --enable-64?), otherwise the
same as your options.

runtests ('/full/path/to/..../fixed/publish/') doesn't crash, nor do I get a
crash running all *.cc-tst files in tests/.../fixed/ manually - actually in
a for loop along the lines of 

dirout = dir();
for ii=1:numel_dirout
  clear -g;
  test dirout(ii).name

JohnD once reported he could avoid a similar "Heisencrash" in
__run_test_suite__.m by running the fixed tests first.

Lately I see 2 FAILs in nest.tst and 4 earlier FAILs in a (AFAICS)
libinterp/ function. Could it be that the recent work in the parser affected
__run_test_suite__.m's functionality?
See here:
fixed\fcn-handle\static-method.tst ............................. PASS    4/4
..n-handle-derived-resolution\fcn-handle-derived-resolution.tst  PASS    3/7
                                                                   FAIL    4
fixed\local-functions\local_functions.tst ...................... PASS    1/1
fixed\nest\nest.tst ............................................ PASS  
                                                                   FAIL    2
                                                              REGRESSION   1

The net.tst failures related to undefined variables nst* or so. relevant
part of fntests.log attached. fntests.log

FWIW there were some more reports on __run_test_suite__.m's apparent
instability in the last year but sooner or later it all got fixed somehow.


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