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Re: Octave Docker image service

From: Julien Bect
Subject: Re: Octave Docker image service
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2019 09:08:39 +0200
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Le 21/04/2019 à 23:02, Mike Miller a écrit :
I am pleased to announce the Octave Docker image service that I am
maintaining. These images provide a fully functional Octave container
with Octave versions from 4.2.2 to the current development branch.

The images are available on Docker Hub as `mtmiller/octave`


You can use the image to run Octave interactively

     docker run -it mtmiller/octave

Or you can run specific Octave commands or scripts

     docker run mtmiller/octave octave --eval "pkg install foo.tgz; pkg load foo; 
test foo"

You can use a particular version of Octave with the Docker tag syntax
`mtmiller/octave:4.4.1`. The default tag `latest` will always refer to
the latest stable release of Octave. The tag `devel` will always refer
to the version built from the development branch.

These Docker images replace the image `mtmiller/octave-snapshot` that I
first announced on this list about 2 years ago. That image still exists
on Docker Hub, but is no longer updated and is marked as deprecated.

These images are primarily intended to be used for development, testing,
automation, CI/CD, regression testing, quality control, and other
development tasks. For example, the `doctest` package is now using this
service to automatically test every commit and pull request against
multiple supported versions of Octave.

To contribute to the maintenance of the Docker image itself, ask
questions, or file issues or feature requests, please refer to the
GitLab project (and thank you in advance!)


Thank you Mike, this is great !

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