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Re: need test run in Matlab

From: Burgers, A.R. (Teun)
Subject: Re: need test run in Matlab
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 19:15:59 +0200
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Op 22-4-2019 om 22:12 schreef John W. Eaton:
In a recent version of Matlab, what do the attached scripts do?

With the attached scripts in your load path, could someone please try the following commands in Matlab and report the results here.

   ascript   %% Error about code after local function
             %% definition or something else?

   bscript   %% Expect nothing.
   bscript1  %% Error about undefined function (assume
             %% local function is not accessible outside
             %% of script)?



>> version
ans = ' (R2018b) Update 3'

>> ascript
Error: File: ascript.m Line: 8 Column: 1
Function definitions in a script must appear at the end of the file.
Move all statements after the "ascript1" function definition to before the first local function definition.

>> bscript

>> bscript1
Undefined function or variable 'bscript1'.

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