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Re: Problems using latest build

From: Dmitri A. Sergatskov
Subject: Re: Problems using latest build
Date: Sat, 4 May 2019 21:08:11 -0500

On Sat, May 4, 2019 at 8:13 PM José Abílio Matos <address@hidden> wrote:
  when running the latest build, HG ID for this build is "39b4341c3376", I
noticed two problems:

1) Starting the editor (in --gui mode), typing a program, and the saving
(using the Ctr+S shortcut) results in a long delay (almost a minute). During
this period octave is frozen and the graphical interface does not react. This
is reproducible for me.

I cannot reproduce this problem.
Try to remove ~/.config/octave and start octave as
octave --gui -f


2) In the same script if I try to run it and the script has an error (in my
case I had a line "for ii in 1:N" -- wrong language, I know :-) ) the output

parse error near line 12 of file /home/jamatos/tmp/inbox/test_subassgn.m

  syntax error

>>> N = 100;

I can reproduce this problem.

José Matos


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