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Re: Octave Geometry package problem

From: Juan Pablo Carbajal
Subject: Re: Octave Geometry package problem
Date: Wed, 15 May 2019 09:40:00 +0200

> Dear Juan,
> I cloned [1], built, and installed the OF-package successfully without errors 
> or warnings in Octave 5.1.0.  Only when trying to test via running 
> "tests/runAllTests.m" after loading your package I faced a problem. Namely 
> that m-files moves to all subdirectories of that test folder of matgeom and 
> calls the builtin function "runtests". I think the intention is to run all 
> "test_*.m" files in that subdirectories. But instead, when calling "runtests" 
> without arguments, it starts to test ALL functions on the Octave load path 
> and does not run any of matgeoms test files.
> Best,
> Kai

Dear Kai,

Thank you very much for investing time on this.
I have actually not yet integrated the upstream test in the octave
forge matgeom package. If you check the folder
'octave_pkg/OF/matgeom-1.0.0/inst' generated by 'make dist' you will
see they are not included in the distribution.
The problem is that there is an homonymous function in matlab [1],
that doesn't seem to be compatible with the builtin-in in octave. I
couldn't find a bug report on this, shall we make one? I think this is
a 'matlab compatibility' bug.
Matgeom is expecting the matlab behavior.



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