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Image package, cp2tform documentation

From: Evangelos Rozos
Subject: Image package, cp2tform documentation
Date: Fri, 24 May 2019 09:37:26 +0300
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The documentation of cp2tform (https://octave.sourceforge.io/image/function/cp2tform.html) has some errors.

In the affine transformation the following lines

in_cp = [out_cp ones(rows (out_cp,1))] * Tinv

out_cp = [in_cp ones(rows (in_cp,1))] * T

have two errors: i) 'rows' function takes only one argument, and ii) 'ones' function takes two arguments. Furthermore, it would be more clear to replace Tinv and T with the full path. That is:

in_cp =  [out_cp ones(rows (out_cp) ,1)] * T.tdata.Tinv

out_cp=  [in_cp ones(rows (in_cp) ,1)] * T.tdata.T

The same problems exist in the projective transformation.

Also, Tinv should be replaced with the full path (i.e. T.tdata.Tinv) in the polynomial transformation too.


Evangelos Rozos

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