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Work on the JIT

From: Gene Harvey
Subject: Work on the JIT
Date: Fri, 31 May 2019 22:36:01 -0500

Hi all,


I’ve submitted a patch to the bug tracker containing fixes for the JIT which will hopefully allow us to continue work on it. It also allows for building with versions of LLVM up to 8.0 (Although, for LLVM-5.0 a llvm::getFunctionAddress  fails with no output to stderr and then calls `exit 1`. Very frustrating indeed.)


I plan to continue work on it with a refactor of the module management (focusing on getting rid of `new`), and then work on implementing the JIT for functions. However, I wanted to discuss whether we should continue using MCJIT, or move on to ORC JIT. The ORC JIT seems to fit our needs better, and would have solved some of the bugs that we had because they wouldn’t be allowed to happen. In particular, bug #55492, which was caused by adding functions to the singleton jit_typeinfo module after it had been finalized.


Also, there’s another bug which crashes octave if we use `sin` on a 1x1 matrix, so I’ll add that to the tracker if the patch goes through.



Gene Harvey

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