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Re: Support Octave by new .m files

From: CROZIER Richard
Subject: Re: Support Octave by new .m files
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2019 15:54:17 +0000

>  >> It's easy to find. If you look to the functions/scripts you see that
> these undocumented functions such as abcdchk are used.
> These are usually simple functions that there is no need for research or
> hard work to develop. e,g, abcdchk just checks for the proper sizes of
> the state space matrixes.

His point is that, you have just shown, and put on record in a public
mailing list that you have opened and examined the Matlab source code
for the control package functions. This means that The Mathworks (who
are the owners of the Matlab code) could claim that you have infringed
their copyright if you create code which is similar to theirs. Octave
code must be produced without any knowledge of how the code is
implemented in Matlab, see


for more information. Generally one should only look at the
documentation for Matlab code when developing an equivalent of a Matlab
function for Octave.

Otherwise, The Mathworks might sue the pants off the Octave project.

Hopefully this explains the concerns better?


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