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Re: replacement of CXSPARSE by SPQR

From: Simon Hau
Subject: Re: replacement of CXSPARSE by SPQR
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2019 12:32:41 +0200

Hello Kai,

yes, I would like to work on this project. I replaced the CXSPARSE function calls in the sparse_qr_rep-constructor and in the R- and Q-methods by the corresponding SPQR function calls (for the REAL-case). I tested those changes by starting Octave with the run-octave-script and calling [Q,R] = qr(A). It seems to work. Nevertheless I am newbie to C++ and I have only a basic undestanding of (sparse) numerical linear algebra. So I can't give any guaratees about the time I will need to replace all CXSPARSE functionality. Maybe I will have to ask some questions in this mailing list if I don't know what to do next.


Am Fr., 19. Juli 2019 um 07:37 Uhr schrieb Kai Torben Ohlhus <address@hidden>:
On 7/19/19 7:23 AM, Simon Hau wrote:
> Hello, 
> I have a question concerning the Open-Projects-List
> (https://wiki.octave.org/Projects). Is there still a need for replacing
> Regards
> Simon

Dear Simon,

AFAIK Octaves development branch still uses CXSPARSE for the
QR-factorization of sparse matrices:


Do you want to work on this project?


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