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Re: octave forge fits package

From: Emmanuel Brandt
Subject: Re: octave forge fits package
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2019 17:45:34 +0200
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Here is the location for the fits package https://octave.sourceforge.io/fits/index.html

and here https://octave.sourceforge.io/fits/overview.html description of the 3 functions.

as Dirk Schmidt is not responding, let me share in attachement the modified version of the working package that I use daily with Octave 5.1.0

FY The only change is the replacement of deprecated D_INT by round().


On 24/10/2019 17:28, Olaf Till wrote:
On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 08:15:51AM -0400, JohnD wrote:
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Subject: Re: octave forge fits package

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Subject: octave forge fits package

Is anyone actively maintaining this package (or intending to) ?

Looks like the forge repo hasn't been updated since 2015, and there a
bugs with it so it will now not install in 5.0.1.

I'll willing to update and make a new release if all are ok with that

So what is the protocol external packages that are not maintained? (or 
maintainer no longer contactable)

Can I , or someone just take it over and declare it now not an external 
package? Or create a new package that happens to contain the GPL'd code in it ?

I can't find a 'really external' fits package anywhere, so what we
have at OF seems to be the dead end. I'd say it's ok to take it over.

There seems to be a fits toolbox distributed with Matlab, which is a
reason to maintain fits in the community category of OF, and keeping
the name 'fits'. But then, we should give all the current functions in
our package the names of their Matlab counterparts, and make them
compatible, if possible. OTOH, having the current functions is better
than having no fits package at all. They could be deprecated later in
favour of more Matlab-compatible functions.


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