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Doubt regarding PolarAxes project

From: akshit chaturvedi
Subject: Doubt regarding PolarAxes project
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2020 17:02:29 +0530

I'm a bit confused. Am I supposed to make a PolarAxes or a PolarAxis object? In Octave, we have Axes and an Axis function which pretty much do the same thing.

Also, in the project description, it's stated that PolarAxes is implemented using 2D axes and callback listeners. Can u pls tell me how this is done cuz whenever I type PolarAxes it just shows yet to be implemented.

Lastly, could you pls tell me what's happening here :
function h = axes (varargin)
if (nargin == 0 || nargin > 1)
## Idk what's happening from here onwards
idx = find (strcmpi (varargin(1:2:end), "parent"), 1, "first");
if (! isempty (idx) && length (varargin) >= 2*idx)
cf = varargin{2*idx};

varargin([2*idx-1, 2*idx]) = [];
cf = gcf ();
endif Yours sincerely, Akshit

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