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Re: more help needed with function handles

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: Re: more help needed with function handles
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 19:37:43 +0100

Am 25. März 2020 um 18:43 Uhr schrieb "John W. Eaton":
> Thanks for the responses.
> It seems a little strange to me that after changing to subdir where 
> there is a sin.m file, Matlab is warning that the presence of that file 
> could cause trouble and which ('sin') finds the sin.m file but sin(pi) 
> calls the built-in function!
> Now I'm curious to know whether the behavior is different if you enter 
> the commands one at a time at the command line instead of executing the 
> script file?
Same result (diary2)

>  Also, what happens if you add a 'clear functions' command 
> just after changing to the subdir directory?

"diary3" was executed as a script with that addition.
"diary4" was executed line by line.

No difference.

> Maybe I need to try with a different function instead of sin, which I 
> suppose is not defined as a generic function but as a method for @double 
> and @single objects?  That would explain why it is found ahead of the .m 
> file.

It is surprisingly hard to find a built-in function that accepts a double input 
that is not implemented as a class method.
I finally tried with "isstr" (diary5). I hope that helps.


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