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Re: No more mail notification from savannah?

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: Re: No more mail notification from savannah?
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2020 12:55:51 +0200

Am 06. Juni 2020 um 12:23 Uhr schrieb "chloros":
> Markus,
> looks the same here. somehow strange that gmx in particular is affected.
> Date,Received,Archived,Loss [%]
> 05/26/20      24      24      0
> 05/27/20      32      34      6
> 05/28/20      10      10      0
> 05/29/20      16      16      0
> 05/30/20      7       7       0
> 05/31/20      16      16      0
> 06/01/20      21      21      0
> 06/02/20      11      16      31
> 06/03/20      17      25      32
> 06/04/20      11      14      21
> 06/05/20      5       8       38
> let's see if savannah answers your mail. then i will also write to gmx.
> best regards

In the meantime, I got a response from savannah support. And with the help of 
the message Dmitri sent (thanks for that), they could find the relevant part of 
their logs:
> Jun  3 10:58:07 frontend1 postfix/cleanup[32065]: DD8F920DA8: 
> message-id=<20200603-145807.sv7043.1460@savannah.gnu.org>
> Jun  3 10:58:09 frontend1 postfix/smtp[32068]: DD8F920DA8: 
> to=<markus.muetzel@gmx.de>, relay=mx01.emig.gmx.net[]:25, 
> delay=1.8, delays=0.05/0.03/1.1/0.55, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (host 
> mx01.emig.gmx.net[] said: 554-Transaction failed 554-Reject due 
> to policy restrictions. 554 For explanation visit 
> https://www.gmx.net/mail/senderguidelines?ip= (in reply to 
> end of DATA command))

I contacted GMX support with that information. Their support staff informed me 
about recent changes on their side to enforce stricter compliance of mail 
headers to "their rules" to reduce the number of spam.
But unfortunately, he couldn't tell me for which exact reason this message was 
blocked. He told me that the staff at their "postmaster" would be able to.

The GMX support staff asked me to go back to savannah support and asked them to 
file a black listing issue with GMX postmaster:

Even if that contact form is for the opposite way (mails from GMX being blocked 
by other servers), the support staff assured that it is the correct way to 
contact them for this kind of error as well. Let's hope, he is right.

So this is the current state: Savannah support members offered to get in direct 
contact with GMX and I asked them to do this via GMX's contact form.

Let's hope both parties will be able to figure out who needs to change what to 
resolve the current issue.

I'm hoping that resolving this for me will also resolve it for you. The service 
charges for their FreeMail customers are ridiculously high. Fortunately, my 
contract allows me to get free support.


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