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refactoring function handle implementation for version 6

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: refactoring function handle implementation for version 6
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2020 09:40:56 -0400
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I pushed a series of changesets to stable to improve the implementation of function handles.

  a5be4fc661d6  hide specific stack frame and stack frame walker classes
9a3deb17b4ea use shared_ptr for stack frames in call stack and for accesss and static links
  7a8c69c4eb55  convert obsolete octave_fcn_inline object to @inline class
  e9a12be5fd79  don't document the vectorize function.
  8eb8ba8aff9a  refactor octave_function call method
5bfa8e018704 store local init vars for anonymous functions in handle, not function object
  0ffae065ca03  new cellstring constructor
  71c34141cc2d  refactor handling of parent functions and localfunctions
  d05a4194f1ad  move make_fcn_handle to tree_evaluator class
48c1e8d88ea2 new functions for finding scoped functions and class methods 76a9f31540e3 try harder to find functions in some symbol_table find_* functions
  22e90bdcf47f  make find_scoped_function available in symbol_table class
  8f3aedc5ab4f  split search for private functions into separate function
  55f82d23fe5e  new octave_classdef_meta::is_classdef_method function
  e760fef2829c  refactor octave_fcn_handle class
  23fe97205db5  new tests for bug #57941
  8dd50efa3c47  new nested function handle tests
  5bca1527b034  new tests for bug #51567
  bdd52f5e4170  new test for bug #58519

These changes have also been merged with default.

I know that it's a big set of changes to go on stable, but it fixes a number of issues with function handles and sets up a better framework to further improve compatibility in the future.

I presented a description on this list of most of these changes about a month ago:


and we discussed them briefly during the recent developers meeting.

Please open bug reports if there are any issues.

Comments also welcome here.


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