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Re: A bug in containers.Map

From: Abdallah Elshamy
Subject: Re: A bug in containers.Map
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 20:36:30 +0200

On Fri, Jun 19, 2020, 4:35 AM Kai Torben Ohlhus <k.ohlhus@gmail.com> wrote:
On 6/19/20 4:46 AM, Nicholas Jankowski wrote:
>     containers.Map(['foo';'bar';'baz'], [1,2])
>       * In octave it creates the map with one key (the first row "foo").
>         This key has a value of [1,2]. if you tried to access the map
>         with a key that equals another row ("bar" or "baz"), it will
>         raise an error that there is no such key.
>       * In MATLAB online (I don't have access to the PC version), it
>         raises an error that the number of keys and values is not the same. 
> trying it out in Matlab 2020a:
>  >> containers.Map(['foo';'bar';'baz'], [1,2])
> Error using containers.Map
> The number of keys and values must be the same.
> generally, it's not an error for Octave to do things that Matlab
> doesn't.  I don't know enough about this function to know what it should
> do and if allowing creation of the map _should_ be an error. But if that
> is problematic, it could be a bug worth reporting.

Abdallah, thanks for the observation.  I opened a bug report about it
[1].  It should not be too difficult to fix it.  Do you want to give it
a try (short project)?

Sure, I will work on it.

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