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Re: Adding a command to aid in debugging Octave

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Adding a command to aid in debugging Octave
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2020 12:07:21 -0400
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On 5/19/20 12:47 PM, Andrew Janke wrote:

On 5/14/20 3:41 PM, Carlo De Falco wrote:

Il giorno 14 mag 2020, alle ore 19:25, John W. Eaton <jwe@octave.org> ha 

What's the right thing for Mac systems?

this seems to work for me :

system (sprintf ("osascript -e 'tell application \"Terminal\" to do script \"lldb -p 
%d\"'", getpid ()))

the escaping looks a bit tricky though so it would be nice if someone else 
could verify it ...


Works for me in Octave 4.4.1 on macOS 10.14.6.

Thanks for the info about how to start the debugger on MacOS systems.

I pushed a changeset with a version of the new __debug_octave__ command to the stable branch and merged with default.

I also updated the information on the wiki about debugging Octave:



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