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Re: windows installer - vbs vs bat startup script

From: Nicholas Jankowski
Subject: Re: windows installer - vbs vs bat startup script
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 15:37:48 -0400

So which solution on [3] did you mean for hidden batch file ?

Which did he mean? i don't know.  the top suggestion still involved using a vbs. most others use a 3rd party tool.
>From memory I think the only reason for shifting to the .vbs was because it was the only solution that appeared to not flash a cmd console on startup, or hide the octave first use dialog

The vbs file was only ever intended on running from the windows shortcuts or from clicking on the file - not for running in scripts where the .bat file should be used. The bat file is also the one that is run when octave is called in pkg installs etc

Ok, I thought it was gone actually.  It's hard to tell how many people the vbs issue is a problem for. it's supposed to 'just work' on all versions of windows. but it seems it's a problem for some people based on security profiles.

if it's still there maybe pointing to the bat directly it is enough of a workaround for them.  Is it just a matter of redirecting the shortcut? would anything else be missing?

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