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Documentation of update_camera() ?

From: chloros
Subject: Documentation of update_camera() ?
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2020 00:09:47 +0200
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Dear Octave Maintainers,

in bug #58956 we have a discussion about Octave's OpenGl renderer. In order to 
understand the limitations, I would like to reverse engineer the code in 
"axis::properties::update_camera ()", which can be found in the "graphics.cc" 
file. In this method, the model- and view - matrices are calculated. From the 
update_camera .c code, I created a .m prototyping code in order to visualize an 
arbitrary plot setup and Octave's 4x4 OpenGl transformation matrices. In the 
attachment you can see, for example, a visualization of Octave's x_gl_mat1 
transformation for a 2D- and a 3D-view including the clipping planes.

My question is: If anyone knows if there is already a documentation about this 
code section, please let me know.

Thanks and best regards

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